Randy Gaschler

Randy Gaschler

Randy Gaschler is founder and Board President of Innovative Education Management which has managed 13 successful California charters. He has been in education as a teacher, administrator, and advocate to change education.

What draws you to the IEM Vision?

My five children have taught me more than all my teachers and professors about how a one size fits all mentality of teaching students will never work. Test scores have become the sole measurement of not only our school systems, but tragically, of the individual student. Being a parent and an educator has caused me to realize and continue to believe that we must reclaim our schools by reaffirming the belief in the love, wisdom and power of parents in the education of their own children. I now have Grandchildren and like my own children each different. I will continue to be drawn to the IEM Vision and continue to work toward changing public education for all the students out there who are stuck in a system that does not honor their parents nor does it honor the passion of each individual student.

I founded one of the first successful charters in California, Horizon Instructional Systems. This model of school was new to the charter world and many others looking to start charters like Horizon. They came to me wanting help to get a charter started in their area for their children. I formed the corporation Innovative Education Management (IEM) as a vehicle to start charters and further his vision of empowering parents to become decision makers in the education of their own children within the limits of the law and the political climate. The IEM vision also includes the concept that each child should have an individual learning plan that best captures their interest and abilities and promotes a lifelong love of learning.  I am a UCLA graduate in economics and have  five current California Teaching Credentials (four single subject, one multiple). I’ve authored the book, Parent-Driven Schools and continue my passion to change education.

What do you believe is the most valuable experience/expertise that you offer IEM?

As founder and Board President of IEM I have the experience, historical knowledge, wisdom, and passion keep IEM legally, financially and the vision on the path it was intended to be on. It is hard to match my passion when it comes to IEM and the IEM vision for education.  I continue to be an innovator and will continue to work toward improving everything that we do.

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