Larry Mandelberg

Chairman of the Board

With over 30 years experience as CEO and consultant, Larry Mandelberg has been called both an organizational futurist and non-recovering serial entrepreneur.

Larry Mandelberg is a consultant, speaker and author with “more than 150 years of combined business experience.” A natural problem solver, Larry represents the 5th generation of his family’s business. He started working at a young age where he learned from his father before and after school.

Larry is an effective catalyst for change who has solved intractable problems and achieved new levels of efficacy and success for businesses in multiple industries. A prolific writer, Larry has published more than 80 columns. His first book, Businesses Don’t Fail, They Commit Suicide is scheduled for release in early 2018. A sought-after speaker, he has delivered more than 60 business-changing keynotes and workshops.

Mr. Mandelberg is a student of organizational lifecycles and has developed a system to help business owners create sustainable growth. He has been a guest on television and radio programs talking about business and entrepreneurship. Through his consulting practice he provides leadership development, executive coaching, ethics training and strategic planning to mid-sized organizations and their Boards for a broad range of industries from education to agriculture.

Larry has launched 4 start-ups, led a merger, and performed a successful turnaround. He wrote a monthly column in the Sacramento Business Journal called Eyes on Business from 2004 to 2014 where he had 80 over published columns.

In addition to his roles as a consultant and chairman for IEM, Larry has provided communication training for Cooperative Personnel Services, taught team building classes for the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, and received his MBA from Drexel University. He has been married to his wife Nancy for 35 years and been a member of the IEM board since July 2001.

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