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Innovative Education Management (IEM) has been successfully developing and operating California charter schools since 1998.  As a nonprofit, public benefit corporation, IEM is different from many management companies because IEM is the founder of the school. IEM works with the districts to gain charter approval and is responsible for every aspect of managing the school. Members of the IEM team possess essential management experience to successfully operate our Parent-Driven charter schools.

Since its inception IEM has been instrumental in the opening and managing of charter schools and has provided consulting services to interested parent groups, school districts, and educators across the country. Many California charters are modeled after the structure of IEM’s independent study model. IEM schools are unique from other schools because:

  • we are motivated by our vision of giving parents as much decision making in the education of their own children; and
  • we believe that every student should have an individual learning plan that captures their interest and ability.

Randy Gaschler is president of Innovative Education Management Inc. and is responsible for the overall management of the organization. Randy is a UCLA graduate in economics and has a California Teacher’s Credential. He founded one of the first successful charters in California—Horizon Instructional Systems. Randy is a strong advocate of parents’ choice in education as well as individual learning plans for students.

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